Spheres opens a world of creativity, we even live on a sphere! We see spheres every day the (sun moon and other planets) we even look trough spheres (our eyes).

and also the build material for everything are spheres (atoms) crazy!

My personal love for a sphere is that they are sooo cool, they are reliable, for example they’re size is always the same if you walk around it! (a cube will chance size)

So in my opinion a sphere gives rest and relaxation ! also if you combine spheres your imagination is the limit in what it could be!!

a big sphere and a small one could be in its most simple form  a snowman, ladybird, turtle. it will be a fundation of many things.

In short… In order of my own passion and need for spheres. I started to create them more and more in sand ice sculpting  (what i do for a living)

but it was always a slow proses (i enjoyed dough) an i thought how can i make it more accurate and faster! this thoughts leeds me to the willysphere withs was first a simple peace of plywood with a cutout radius!  it developed slowly in a disk with already the radius of a sphere in itself!